It’s never too late for resolutions




Even though New Year already started I decided to write down my goals. There is something about New Year that makes me excited and motivated to achieve things I want. I don’t believe in what you write down actually happens (you need to do something about it) but it’s nice to have your goals on paper, to keep you inspired and it’s worth a try. So here are some of my resolutions for 2017:
1) Stop procrastinating
Writing this one first cause I’m really bad at this. If I have homework to do or just to do something not even important, I will do it at the last end. Then I get very upset and nervous and I start to freak out because I’m scared that I won’t finish it on time. It’s pretty bad but I think I have some idea how to get rid of it. I will schedule some “me time” in a day for checking my phone, going on Instagram and YouTube, for watching movies and not do all those things first cause honestly I don’t feel good then. First work then relaxing and enjoying what I love.
2) Go vegan
A lot of people won’t understand this but I want to do it for a quite some time now. One night I saw a video on Internet how it all works in farm industry and what they actually do with animals what we don’t even know about and I was so disgusted. Nobody actually supports me to go vegan but I think that is something I really want. I want to save animals, I love them and I want to make this world a better place.
3) Do yoga
Okay I already started with doing it few days ago and I absolutely love it and highly recommend it! After it or actually while doing it I just feel so amazing and so peaceful! It’s a great way to relax and switch off when things get tough I think. I love yoga.
4) Read more
Reading is something I enjoy almost as writing and I’m a little book worm actually but I want to improve and read even more. New books, reread some (hello Harry Potter series), borrow and buy books… I wrote a list of few I want to read so starting as I mean to go on! Putting phone away and book in my hands.
5) Stop overthinking
I really overthink too much too often. It’s such a bad habit and I want to get rid of it. I don’t know how  it even starts but it just does. What’s gonna happen, what someone will say, what should I do…. So less thinking and more doing things this year and just living my life.
6) Let go of control
Another bad habit I have is controlling. This Christmas I even controlled what gifts my loved ones can buy me and yes it’s that bad and yes I’m a control freak. So my goal is to be more spontaneous and let things be.
7) Travel somewhere
I have a pretty long bucket list where I want to go and what I want to visit. From London to Paris and Dubai to Tokyo. Actually I was already in Dubai two years ago and it was amazing but I want to go again! I love seeing new places too and would love to go to Berlin, somewhere in Africa, New York, Rome…
So those are just some of my resolutions but I have lot more goals for 2017 like do well in school, be productive, stress less, drink more water (classic) but then there won’t be time to actually make them true. Less rambling and more doing! Well I hope you will have an amazing year and only you can change things!

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