How to overcome bad days


I thought about writing this post cause last week was horrible for me and it transferred to this week too so that’s why I’m writing this! I need to relax!

I’m very positive person and I don’t let things get me down but sometimes life just get too much and I get too overwhelmed. Mostly cause I’m stressing myself with thousand things but it is what it is! I’m having bad days too and I just want to remind you it’s okay to have them. It’s okay to not be okay sometimes and it’s okay to cry and scream if you want! Nobody is telling you that maybe but now I’m telling you! It’s hard to get through a stressful day, sometimes you really need a day off too. But how I overcome my bad days is just by doing some bits and pieces that make me feel good. You don’t have to do much, you don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to but I just find some things helpful so I will share them with you!

Go outside
I want to be honest but actually I don’t usually go outside when I’m having a bad day. Shame on me but sharing this tip anyway! I close myself in a house and wrap myself in a blanket which I’m not saying it’s bad… But I actually need to get courage to go outside and when I get it I’m so glad I just walked out of the house. Solution of your problems is not hiding yourself at home. It’s not. A fresh air really repairs your brain and you can start to think more clearly. Even more positive too!

Bubble bath
Okay this is my favorite tip probably. I love baths so much specially bubble baths and oh how I love Lush bubble baths! You have no idea! Today I decided to run myself a bath and use Lush magic wand bubble bar! I treated myself with a face mask, I put hair mask too. After I pained my nails and plucked my eyebrows. It’s amazing just to pamper yourself! It makes me so relaxed and I feel good about myself! You can also watch some movies while you are in a bath or read a magazine just try to not overthink!

Don’t isolate yourself
Okay yes last and part of this week I was the one that isolated herself from everything and everybody for a few days. But life goes on and I can’t change the past but I can change my future and do something more useful! Last Sunday, instead of staying at home, I met up a friend and went and watched La La Land! The movie was amazing and it motivated me a lot!

If you don’t want to meet anybody when you are not feeling good then text somebody. Tell somebody actually what happened and how you feel. Your real friends will listen. They understand you cause we all have ups and downs!


Color & read
Okay if you didn’t know coloring is not just for kids! There are so many coloring books for adults and it’s kinda cool! It’s like you don’t have to fully grow up! It just makes you really relaxed and I usually turn a tv on and just color while watching it!
Also reading! I love reading since I know about myself! But now these days I always find so many excuses not to do it cause like I don’t have time. But you can always find time for a book. Even it’s just 10 minutes a day! Or you can read in a bath or before bed. I love to read in the morning which makes my routine so much better!


Somebody will hate me for this one (you don’t have to do it)! But cleaning! What to say?! I know it’s not relaxing at all maybe but I just feel better after it. It makes me more calm and less stressed. Clean your desk, your wardrobe, kitchen, vacuum, wash floors… When I sort something like my papers it makes me feel much organized and that I have my life together!


This is the one that helps me the most probably. Writing. Just grab your real pen and your real paper or notebook and write! Write what you feel! You can even plan things, make to-do lists, journal. When I plan what I’m gonna do, it makes me feel  so excited and motivated!


Think positive
This is probably said easier than done but it really works! When you just said to yourself I’m gonna be positive now, I will be okay,  you actually will be okay! If you think negative you will be negative. This is a bit embarrassing but I sometimes watch some motivational videos on YouTube too. Believe it or not they help! At least for me as many of these things!


If you are having a bad day or a bad week, relax and everything will be okay! You can try to do some of these things and then tell me if they helped or not! Hope they will! And remember it’s just a bad day, week but not a bad life!
Kiki x

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