Things to tell yourself every day


I’m not sure where this post will go, what I’m gonna basically ramble about but I will try just to remind you of some things you should say to yourself. Some inspiring quotes that will make your day better and life easier. It’s always good to have a sentence or two that will inspire you to keep going.

You are enough
No matter how you feel or no matter what you did you are enough. You are strong enough, you are beautiful enough, you are smart enough. You are enough and don’t let anyone tell you different! Be your own best friend and love yourself cause you are perfect just the way you are.

If you wouldn’t say it to your friend, don’t say it to yourself
This is so true. Why would you say something like you are stupid or you are ugly to yourself if you know that if you say that to someone else it will hurt their feelings and made them sad. Don’t do it. Don’t do this to yourself. You don’t deserve it. Be gentle with yourself and forgive yourself.

Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try
If you don’t try it, yes you are ‘save’ not to fail. But it’s actually exactly the opposite. When you try to do something you have more chance to succeed than when you don’t do anything about it. Just believe cause everything is possible. And even if you fail get back again and try again.

Be who you are, not who the world wants you to be
Often people expect of you to be someone you are not. For example to play football or play a piano but you don’t enjoy those things. Then your parents want you to become a doctor or a lawyer but you want to be an actor. So don’t care about those people! You are not here to live their dreams! You are here to live your own! Really be who you are. If you haven’t found who you are yet, keep looking and you will! You definitely will.

Be gentle with yourself, you are doing the best you can
Sometimes you can be too harsh with yourself. You start to tell yourself I’m not doing this properly, it’s not enough, I will be a failure. Stop it! You are trying and it will be worth it! I promise you but never stop trying. Never give up.

Love, Kiki

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