What’s in my bag



I know these “What’s in my bag” are all over the place. On YouTube, Instagram and blogs. So I thought to join in and make a post about what I bring with me every day wherever I go.
First of all, a bag is from Zara. I bought it last summer and it was on sale. It’s a warm brown color and it’s pretty big which I really like. You can put so much stuff in it.
Things I put in it are my iPad or iPhone which depends on what I’m gonna do cause sometimes iPad is just too big to walk around. Then I have a bottle of water or coffee with me and my little wallet which is so old but very practical. I always like to have my Lilly Pulitzer planner with me and a good book cause I’m a huge bookworm. I just finished reading ‘This ranging light’ from Estelle Laure which is an amazing book and I recommend it! I’m probably the only person who has nail polish in her bag. Also, lipstick is a must and a hat cause I like to wear hats. Not to forget my sunglasses from Forever 21 and of course keys.
I use my scarf or sometimes even a towel to secure my phone and sunglasses. I also have some pen with me but that’s pretty much it. I don’t always put all these things in my bag cause it really depends on a day and where I’m going.
What’s in your bag? Tell me in the comments, I would really like to know!
Love, Kiki

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