Side frill sweater


Side frill sweater
I really think that frill sweaters are now in? Is that a thing? At least they are very popular in my favorite store, Zara. When I first saw it, I really didn’t know if it would fit me well. Well, I’m gonna say to you it’s all how you wear it. If you wear it with confidence it suits you good. Like every piece of clothing actually. But I must say too that I felt a bit uncomfortable cause I got some looks and compliments on it which is, of course, positive…

 Anyways, back to the sweater. It is pastel pink color and very comfortable. Perfect for spring but it’s cropped which can be tricky if you don’t want to show your belly or it’s actually still a bit too cold to wear it like that. So I just wore a grey top underneath it and black trousers. As for shoes, any pair of trainers will work fine cause this is pretty sporty but at the same time elegant outfit, but I had my Adidas superstars on my feet. And around my neck, I wore a beautiful h&m necklace.
Love, Kiki

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