Must have Essie nail polishes


When spring comes, I don’t know what you do, but I start to paint my nails again. Yes, I don’t do it too often in winter but in spring and summer, oh that’s a whole other story. I’m a girl who has nail polish fazes every now and then but I always stick with my three favorite colors. And that are red, rose gold and black. All from Essie cause I love Essie! I think that their products are pretty amazing actually and I like to invest in a good nail polish. So here are my top three favs!
Forever Yummy is probably my favorite red nail polish I’ve ever had and used. I love this color! When you apply it is very bright and true classic red. It’s perfect for every skin tone, it applies easily and it’s just gorgeous!
Penny talk – I remember picking this one two years ago in Dubai. It’s a rose gold color. Goes very well if you had a tan but on pale skin not so well. So I always start using this one in summer. And when you apply it, it doesn’t feel like you did. It’s thin and light and pretty!
Licorice – basic black polish you absolutely need! I’m actually running out from this one. It drys very fast, it’s very shiny and the formula is fab! Looks great on toes too. And it lasts for pretty long!
Hope you all are well and that you are ready for some manicure?!
Lots of love and see you soon,

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