Embrace the spring


This year is going by so fast. Like it is flying. I can’t believe we are almost in the middle of March. I feel like New Year was yesterday. Am I the only one who feels like that?!
But spring is here. And it’s waiting for you to embrace it. There are longer days coming, sunshine and flowers! Sometimes is hard to transition into a new season so here are some things you can do to be ready for Spring.

Go outside
I think, that going outside when it gets warm and the sun is shining, it’s the best thing you can do! Seriously. Go walk a dog, go to the park, go somewhere in nature and enjoy. Why would you sit in your room and stare at your phone when there is life outside! It will help you to concentrate and relax which you need! Just breathe and let go of technology! It will make you feel better, I promise.

Decorate your home
Even it will be just buying flowers and putting them in a vase, do it! It’s so pretty when you do something for this season. Open up the blinds. Allow the sunshine to go in. Clean a bit, organize things. Put some bright decorations or make some by yourself. Those are just the little things you can do for your home and yourself that will make a huge difference.

Stay focused on your goals
Do you remember those things you said and wrote on the 1st of January like you will go to the gym every day or learn a new language this year? Well, it’s still the same year believe it or not. We all have lots of things to do, lots of work, college etc. But really focus on yourself too. Something you really want. It’s very easy to forget goals and it’s hard to work toward them. But at the end, it’s worth it. And even if you don’t succeed, at least you will know you tried!

Switch up your wardrobe
Warmer weather is already here and very soon it will be hot like in summer. So you can organize your wardrobe and see if there is something you don’t want to wear anymore, are there things you want to keep. You can always go shopping. Spring collections are in stores and I’ve seen a few things I’m gonna buy for myself.

But have fun with it. Have fun with all of it. Enjoy spring, enjoy the weather! Embrace the spring!

Love, Kiki

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