Last of winter jumpers


I think we can now slowly say a real goodbye to the winter. It was so hot yesterday and days are brighter and longer. Can’t wait summer. Okay before that, I can’t wait really warm spring.
But there are still colder parts of the day and it’s a good thing cause you can still wear jumpers!
A Calliope jumper I wore yesterday is ochre color and it’s cropped. I’m not sure why all of my sweatshirts and t-shirts are cropped or why I buy cropped clothes?! Hmm, they always feel so comfortable and I feel so confident in them when I try them in a shop but after wearing them a few times the feeling of it is just the opposite.
But this jumper is comfortable and really soft which surprised me a bit for no reason. The best thing about it is that it was only 5£ cause it was on huge sale!
You can pair it with skinny jeans, these are from Zara – summer collection. Of course, guess what are my shoes? Adidas Superstar trainers! Don’t judge me cause it’s not that these are the only pair of shoes I own, but they are the best shoes I own! See, it’s a difference!
You can add to this outfit your favorite sunglasses or a necklace or both! And you are good to go!
Lots of love,

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