Well Snatched is apparently some new movie that came out this year or it will come out this year ( I’m not sure) but for me, it is just a name of this t-shirt. I don’t know what is the movie even about but I think it is a comedy?!
I first thought that it’s written Snapchat on this top so imagine my disappointment when I figured out it is not. But I tried it on last Saturday anyways and I’m glad I did. Cause I love it. And it’s so flippin comfortable and cute. I bought it in H&M with other 2 t-shirts and I will blog about very soon too. I actually planned to get something from Zara cause you know that is one of my favorite places to shop but I was kinda sad cause there wasn’t some top I tried before.
But H&M saved me and surprised me this time. As a child, I was the totally H&M girl but I didn’t shop there for quite some time now.
This shirt is a black color with pink letters and a number 94 written on it. It reminds of college and rugby. Don’t ask but it actually does!
I will wear this with skinny jeans or black tights and trainers. The shirt is baggy and it feels like I’m wearing my boyfriend’s shirt. Note: I don’t have a boyfriend, I was never in love and I don’t know the feeling of wearing men’s clothes. Haha.
I spent half and hour looking for a link to this shirt and I haven’t found it, sorry. So I will link some other tops I like! Here they are:

Jersey top

Short T-Shirt 

Printed T-Shirt
Hope you had a good Monday and that you spent some good time Snap chatting!
Kiki, x

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