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It’s a good thing to review your goals. Especially when New Year is far away from us and it is almost April. I’m sure you’ve made lots of goals in January and you were saying to yourself this will be my year, I will break all of my bad habits, I will start something new but you didn’t do it actually. Or maybe you start working out or stopped smoking for a month and then you have fallen off the track.
Having goals is really important. It’s what keeps you going, it makes you feel excited about life and motivated. I know it’s easy to forget them so I thought I would share how you can stay on top of your goals.

First, ask yourself why you started?! Why you made those goals?!
Seriously just ask yourself why. When I ask myself why it motivates me so much.

Do you really want to do that? Is that goal you want to reach?
Sometimes goals can be based on what other people are expecting us to do and achieve. Or you saw someone else who is doing something and you want to be the same as her/him.
Your goals are your goals! You can achieve whatever you want! But in order to achieve it, you need to know if that is your real goal and do you really love what you do.

Is it realistic?!
If your goal is to fly on Mars it’s okay if you know how you will get there and all other things connected with that flying. Make it realistic. We all are dreamers and that’s totally fine. But try to make smaller goals, or break a bigger goal into smaller goals cause it will be easier that way to achieve it!

Don’t stress about them and enjoy the ride
Let yourself relax and don’t be so serious about your goals. Chill and work on them easily. Work on yourself. Have fun and you can do it!
Kiki, x

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