Girls bite back


Girls are powerful. Girls are strong. And we bite back, don’t we?! But sometimes we need a reminder that we are strong enough and that we can do whatever we want. It’s not an easy thing to be a woman. We go through a lot! But never put yourself down gals?! Or boys, it doesn’t matter. Fight back and never give up!
I got this top recently and I love it. It’s my favorite color of pink. Kind of powder pink, it’s a really short top which I bought in H&M. It’s a bit see through and perfect for sunny days like yesterday.
I found these jeans in my closet and they are so old but I really like how they go with this outfit. Put some shoes on and be who you are! Be proud of yourself cause you are amazing!
Sorry if this was a bit shorter and cheesy post but I hope I motivated at least one person! And happy Monday everyone! We got this!
Kiki, x

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