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First I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and that you spent it with your family and friends and that you ate lots and lots of chocolate. I definitely did!

Before Easter, I was in a little shopping and there was 20% off on Maybelline goodies so I thought you know what, I’m gonna treat myself with one thing. But that one thing ended up on 5 things, oops!
Maybelline is one of my favorite drugstore makeup brands. Price and quality are equal, it is really affordable and I love their slogan ‘maybe it’s Maybelline’.

I heard so many good things about MAYBELLINE LASH SENSATIONAL MULTIPLYING MASCARA year ago and I finally tried it. Verdict? I really like it. The formula is nice, a bit thick and a bit wet. It has silicon brush that easily covers¬†all your lashes. I always put two coats of it and it makes my lashes really long. I didn’t expect it will be that good. It gives you more that long lash effect than volume. This is not waterproof mascara. I wish it is cause then it will be really the bomb!

MAYBELLINE MASTER SHAPE BROW PENCIL is a really small pencil, you can put it in your makeup bag and take it with you wherever you go. It is really soft pencil, easy to use. It has a spoolie on the other end so you can get that soft eyebrows effect. My is in a deep brown shade and it goes really well with my skin tone and hair color. It is a bit disappointing cause there are only three colors available but I’m really lucky there is a shade that suits me.

MAYBELLINE AFFINITONE CONCEALER is a liquid concealer. It is the right consistency, easy to blend. I use it mostly under my eyes these days and it works amazing. I love to put some on my blemishes and I does a job just fine. If you have a good skin then you can go just with this concealer cause it is that good. You don’t need to apply much makeup and foundation before. It is cheap and really good quality!

MAYBELLINE MASTER PRECISE EYELINER – okay, hands down, it is one of the best drugstore eyeliners I’ve ever tried. I tried lots of eyeliners even I don’t wear them every day but this one is amazing. It applies so easily. It is not too wet, it has a really good pigmentation. I can talk about this one for years so to shorten this blog post, it is an awesome eyeliner and I highly recommended it.

MAYBELLINE BABY SKIN PRIMER is one thing I was so excited to try. I love Maybelline’s Baby Lips products and this primer also didn’t disappoint. It is lightweight, comes in a small packaging but you don’t need much product at all so it will last for some time. I noticed that it really benefits my skin, gives my face softness and my makeup applies even more easily.

I’m so sorry for this huge post, hope I wasn’t too boring.
Kiki, x

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