My favorite mascaras

Mascara is probably my favorite beauty product with concealer of course. I just love having big lashes and making them super long. That is kind of funny cause people would ask me why are you even wearing mascara when you have so beautiful long lashes without any product on them. Yes, I have big lashes but honestly, I just love mascara and I don’t care if I want to wear false lashes too! Actually planning to get some very soon!

So here are my top three mascaras!

MISS MANGA BLACK ANGEL MASCARA BY L’OREAL is the mascara that I’ve been using for the longest time! I just freaking love it. I saw it first time on a TV and you know how every mascara looks good on picture and videos and I thought oh there is no chance that the girl is not wearing falsies with mascara too. I didn’t get it until my friend show it to me and I was impressed. So I tried it and wow! Such a good mascara. It is really really dark black and it doesn’t smudge, plus it is so easy to use.

L’OREAL FALSE LASH SUPERSTAR MASCARA is one I already talked about on my blog so I won’t go into details but it really looks like you are wearing falsies! Your lashes will look huge and stunning!

And last but not least is my MAYBELLINE LASH SENSATIONAL MASCARA! It is really affordable and amazing! Drugstore favorite and I’m using it every single day!

Hope you are okay and what is your favorite mascara beauties?

Kiki, x

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