Blue ‘off the shoulder’ tops and high waisted jeans


Last Friday I’ve made some time to go shopping, finally! I’m currently in a lot of crap right now (can I say crap on the Internet, oh well, I guess I can) and there are so many things I need and want to do before summer holidays! Sometimes it gets really overwhelming so you need a shopping therapy! Isn’t shopping therapy the best?!

I decided to go to the town and just have fun browsing the shops. You know the thing ‘I’m just looking’. Well, that almost never happens and every time I get something.

This time is this beautiful blue shirt with puffy sleeves from Zara! It has little white vertical stripes that you can’t even notice if you are not standing really close. You can wear it off the ¬†shoulders but for me, it is still not that warm where I live.

Let’s take a moment cause Kiki actually got herself non-ripped jeans! Yay! I’m so happy with these. They are such a beautiful shade of black and they are high waisted with little silver buttons! I feel really comfortable in them and they are from Zara too cause we all know who loves to shop in Zara!
To put this outfit together I wore Masimo Dutti shoes, black Zara bag, and my favorite Forever 21 sunglasses!

Please keep your fingers crossed for me so I can slay things I need to slay and have a nice rest of the week!

Kiki, x

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