16 things I learned in 16 years



Here I am. Here I am living 16 years on this Earth. And in less than a week turning 17! Bloody heck, I am old. Just kidding. Sometimes it feels like I’m turning 71, to be honest. You know being quite a lot at home, wearing slippers and watching Spanish TV shows. Except Spanish TV shows are my PLL series. Btw I highly recommend you to watch PLL if you already haven’t cause there are now every week new episodes up!

Anyways maybe some of you think why is she even writing this post. What had she even learned in such a small time and that I am not grown up enough?

Well maybe I don’t have the experience like a 30-year-old woman with husband and kids but I also know that I am pretty mature since I know about myself.

I just listed all of this things in my notebook for fun to see if I can even list something. Well I am quite impressed and proud of myself right now cause here are the things I listed:

1) If you don’t love yourself you would never be happy
2) Life isn’t fair
3) Only you can change yourself
4) Comparing yourself to others do just harm for you
5) Looks aren’t everything
6) It is okay not to be okay
7) Sometimes you need to take a step back
8) Dreams don’t work unless you do
9) Doing what you love is so important
10) Other opinions sometimes do not matter
11) just because you are not able to do something that doesn’t mean you are not worth it
12) failing at something can be a good thing too
13) never trust all of your thoughts
14) everything is not for everyone
15) taking care of yourself is so important
16) everybody is at one point lost

I’d love to know what you learned in no matter how many years are you on this planet?!

Kiki x

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