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I’m usually not writing about my favorite things at the moment. I think because that changes so fast. In one second I love some product so much and then in the other second I hate it. Am I the only one like that?
Recently I caught myself enjoying more and more things. Not even just products and stuff but doing something or talking to someone! Maybe I am weird now so let me show you things I’ve been loving this week. Beauty things!

VICHY PURETE THERMALE CLEANSING MICELLAR OIL: I’ve got it, it feels like yesterday, in a drugstore as a sample! I love samples specially when it comes to skin care products as my skin is very sensitive. I’ve used this in the evening to remove my makeup and it works wonderfully! It cleanses all the dirt and oil. I was a bit scared to use it at first cause I have an oily skin but we all know that ‘you shouldn’t use oily products if you have an oily skin’ is just a myth! I  just rinse it off with water and then clean my face with a cleansing gel! Definitely, will go and buy non-sample version!

L’OREAL TRUE MATCH FOUNDATION: I remember that in one of my posts way back I said some stuff  I don’t like about this foundation. Now I can’t even remember what I said. This is really a favorite of mine! The thing I noticed about it recently is that you need to apply it very very little! If you put too much product it turns very cakey and it doesn’t look flattering at all. I have it in the rose vanilla shade which is the perfect match for my skin! But the two things I love the most about it is: easily bendable and the bottle lasts for months!

MAYBELLINE BABY SKIN LIGHTWEIGHT PRIMER: I used it just a couple of times when I bought it and then I somehow stopped cause I thought that it doesn’t really work? I was wrong! Silly Kiki was just not applying enough product. Please laugh cause it is funny.
You need to put a decent amount and lightly apply it to your skin and wait until it drys a bit. And then it really gives you a smooth skin! I use it always under my make up so let me know if you tried applying it alone?

DIEGO DALLA PALMA OPACO MATTE LIPSTICK: I’ve been using it for really a long time. It is wonderful orangey nude color, a bit drying so I combine it with other lipsticks. I put darker color first and then go with this one over the top, in the center! This is a great way to have more lipstick shades with the things you already have!

I hope this wasn’t a too long post, I’m really into blogging these days!
Let me know what you love currently?!

Kiki x

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