4 Things to do when you are feeling down


I wrote similar post couple of months back when I started this blog and some people told me that they actually really liked it. So I decided to make a new one but different and you will see how different in a second.

I want, to be honest, but this year for me is not going too well. There have been lots of crappy days when I find it very difficult to even get up. I don’t want you to feel sorry for me or anything but it is what it is. So I thought to share some tips that maybe will be helpful!

Don’t fight it: Do not, okay! And by that I mean do not try to be happy immediately, do not force yourself into doing stuff you don’t want to do at all and do not fake smile and laugh like an idiot. Seriously I know people like that and I know I’ve been like that myself. There is no reason why you wouldn’t be emotional and cry if you feel like crying. Or even screaming. Just make sure you scream in your pillow as my mom says! You don’t have to feel bad about it. It is okay. If you have never got a permission to not be okay here I am and I am giving you a permission!

Do not dwell: Just saying this cause I know when I give myself a permission to feel bad about everything and feel sad that it can last for days! Not even kidding. Sometimes is really hard but you need to face your life and accept it. Accept the past, present and move on. Cause there is brighter future waiting for you!

Be brave: Step away from your comfort zone and leave that bed. Dress nicely and go outside. Go and live. I know it is not easy but you can make it! Step by step! Just face your fears!

Motivate yourself: You can do plenty of things to motivate yourself. For me, it is reading books, writing, blogging. Podcasts and motivational speeches/articles also help.
Find something you really enjoy doing. No matter that is watching a tv show, shopping, baking etc. Usually, stuff we love to do motivates us the most so do what you love and I know I always say that but it is so important!

What do  you do when you are feeling low?

Kiki x

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