Are you ready for next 17 years?!

 Honestly, I don’t know but I know this girl is officially 17!

I feel actually pretty young (younger than I was last year) and I am young and I can’t wait to see what will happen in next 17 years. So let’s make it fab and here are my 17 things I would like to change/happen:

Appreciate more little things and enjoy every moment on this Earth!
Stop upsetting myself over stupid and not important things. Rather focus on positives and just laugh it off.
Do more things I love to do and take quality time for myself.
Love the way I look and be kind to myself, treat myself as I am my best friend and just love myself.
Start running and do yoga more regularly to stay healthy. Eat nourishing food, drink enough water and go to bed early.
Spend more quality time with my friends. Go outside to a cafe or cinema more often with them and have fun.
Binge watch all 7 seasons of PLL and not feel guilty cause of it.
Go for walks with my dog, play with him and show him more love.
Start being more consistent in stuff.
Stop comparing myself to other people cause it doesn’t bring me anything.
Continue to read every day and start reading one book a week.
Gratitude from high school and college.
Earn my own money and be able to live by myself.
Find a love of my life (crossing my fingers cause this chick never had a boyfriend lol)!
Travel and visit different places as much as I can cause that would be so cool!
Learn how to drive and get myself Mini Cooper (I want to drive since I was 7)
No matter what happens with me and my dreams and visions and things I want to do, I just want to be happy and live my life to the fullest.

Have a fab day peeps, I am going to eat lots of cake now and enjoy my day!
Kiki x

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