My 17 birthday ramble

As you all know yesterday was my birthday and I had a really nice day so I thought to now ramble about it.

There was a whole ‘parade’ in the morning. Not literally but mom came in my room and put happy birthday song so loud while my doggie Buddha was acting like he was a unicorn. Yes, he was a unicorn for a short 5 seconds or so wearing a gold corn. That was my mom’s idea cause she didn’t want to make a unicorn cake and I am obsessed with unicorns at the moment so yeah that happened. Poor little dog.

I don’t know if I am the only one who has that feeling ‘it is my birthday today’?! Well, I felt like it was so haha.
I don’t want to go into what I got for my birthday but I will just say that one of the gifts was unicorn fan club T-shirt from H&M. I was laughing so hard when I saw it, you have no idea!

I’m probably the only one who has a best friend coming over at 8 am to celebrate with me! I’m the only one who probably eats her birthday cake for breakfast too. Yes, I didn’t have a unicorn cake but I had a donut cake, isn’t that cool?!!

After that, I was just working on stuff and then I heard what happened in Manchester which really broken my heart. Manchester and whole England, UK were always so close to me cause of some of you guys and I have no words to say. Manchester I’m thinking of you!
I wish the world is a better place but let’s try and be nicest as possible. So I decided to spend the evening with my family and dad and I went for a pizza like we always used to do before and then for ice cream.

I’m wearing:




Thank you peeps for all the wishes and messages, it means a world to me. This weekend I am planning to celebrate with my closest friends so I can’t wait. If something interesting happens I will blog about.

Kiki x

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