Why bullet journal

So, today I thought to just ramble about bullet journaling. I think most of the people by now know what is a bullet journal but for those who don’t, I’m going to explain.

Bullet journal is a system where you can log things, plan your day, track your habits, write everything and anything you want! It is really cool! You can use whatever kind of notebook you want or have at home and basically you design it by yourself!

For those who are starting, I will recommend using a dotted notebook so you can doodle and sketch things more easily and it just gives you some freedom (at least for me). I’m using Moleskine A4 notebook and I really love it!

I started bullet journaling way back in December last year and this is my second bullet journal. I hate my first one cause it was messy and disorganized and I didn’t log half of the things I log now.
For every month I set up my pages in a bullet journal and plan things. I make something like a calendar page with monthly goals, then I always track my habits (good ones), I make a space for my blog ideas and a wish list, I love having a gratitude page where I either doodle or write things down and so on!
The thing I love the most about bullet journals is that you can be creative and organized at the same time! You can keep everything in one notebook and carry it with you everywhere you go!

I know for some people it can be time-consuming cause I know for me it is too but I highly recommend you to try it. There is something about it that it makes you feel good!

Tell me in the comments if you already have a bullet journal or your opinion on this (it will mean the world)?

Kiki x

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    1. Oh lovely I’m sure you will be amazing! Believe in yourself! It doesn’t have to be perfect!
      xo Kiki

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