My name is Marija Kristina however everyone calls me Kiki. I’m 16 years old (in May turning 17) and from Croatia, Zagreb.

I’m one crazy lady who loves dogs and has a frenchie called Buddha who is basically my brother. I’m obsessed with traveling, reading, Pretty Little Liars, baking, Lush, coffee, Harry Potter (books and movies), cute stationary.

My biggest passion is writing and that’s why I actually made this blog. Writing is something that always saves me if I have a bad day or it makes me even happier when I’m feeling good. It just makes me who I am.

I love beauty and fashion so those are things you can expect on this blog. But you will find mixture of everything on here actually cause this is just Kiki being Kiki.

I can’t think anything else to tell you about me now but you will find out with time.

Lots of love and enjoy my blog!

Kiki x