3 Winter Sale Outfits


After Christmas and New Year we all know what comes next. Sales! These days you can find some amazing deals and buy so much more things with paying for it less and it’s amazing! It’s more amazing than Christmas and New Year together! Just kidding but I’m a huge shopaholic and buying things it’s my guilty pleasure. Specially clothes. So the other day I went in town and got a few nice things and I thought to show you cause why not.


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It’s never too late for resolutions




Even though New Year already started I decided to write down my goals. There is something about New Year that makes me excited and motivated to achieve things I want. I don’t believe in what you write down actually happens (you need to do something about it) but it’s nice to have your goals on paper, to keep you inspired and it’s worth a try. So here are some of my resolutions for 2017: Read more